This is a educational Website, this website has a huge viewer base from all over the country ageing from 12-22 yrs.

Why you will Advertise with us ?

  • Average views in this website more than 3 Lakh/month
  • Viewer are mostly from India.
  • As you all know this age group People are the most energetic and enthusiastic Customers. So it will be easier to reach a customer based which is eagerly waiting to try new products or services.
  • Advertisement at one side gives productive information about the products or services; at the same time, most of the advertisements give false and bogus information to deceive customers

Rules & Regulation For Advertisement:-

  • To guarantee that advertising’s representations and claims are genuine and honest.
  • Ensuring that advertisements are not objectionable to the general public
  • To protect against the indiscriminate use of advertising products that are harmful to society.
  • To guarantee that advertisers behave fairly in competition.

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