NBSE Class-9| Alternative English Grammar Story Writing

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In This chapter NBSE Class-9| Alternative English Grammar Story Writing. which is a part of the class 9 syllabus of Alternative English for students studying under Nagaland Board of School Education:

NBSE Class-9| Alternative English Grammar Story Writing

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Answer these questions. 

1. Write a story in 150-200 words. Use the prompts given below to begin your story. Remember to provide a suitable title as well. 

neighbour’s dog-always caged – neighbours say it is wild and unpredictable- you feel it is lonely and sad – nobody goes near it – an unexpected incident in the neighborhood- surprises everybody-changes everybody’s opinion 

Ans:- Scout- my favorite dog 

Scout was the name of my favourite dog. It belonged to a family which had shifted two years back. It was always tied to the porch near the main entrance door of the house. I could not help myself but to ask the son, John, who was in our school why the dog was always tied up like that. 

He replied that the dog was fine when it was in the other town where they lived but after they had moved to the town it started behaving very strangely. One day the dog bit a postman who had come home to deliver a letter. From that day the dog had never been released. No one dared going near the dog. 

I got very curious, so, I asked him if I could see the dog myself which he was quite happy about. I convinced him that I would not go very near the dog. At last he agreed to me. 

The next day when I entered the gate, I thought I would hear the bark of the dog. It did not happen. Then, I decided to call John who came out after hearing my voice. We went to the place where the dog was tied up. It looked so lonely. I tried touching it but John warned me. So I decided not to take the risk 

The thought of the dog disturbed me so much that night. It looked lifeless and sad. Thinking about the dog I slept very late that night. 

In the middle of the night, at around 2:30 AM I was woken up by the noise of people outside. My neighbors had all gathered outside on the street. I rushed to the window to see what was going on. They were discussing the fire that nearly killed a boy. 

I went outside and enquired what really happened. I was told that a fire broke out at John’s place that night. They were all asleep. Had it not been the bark of the dog they would have got injured badly or even lost their lives in the fire. The dog barked when it sensed the fire. It broke its chain and got into john’s room through the window which woke him. John alarmed the family members and they were saved in that way. 

The scary idea of the dog which had been haunting the neighbourhood was thus a story which ended that night. After few days I saw the dog playing in the lawn with John. 

2. Write a story in 150-200 words. Use the prompts given below to begin your story. Remember to provide a suitable title as well. 

three friends – Earth Day competition – big prize money -3 BIG Ideas – how to save energy-only tried-and-tested experiments – details collected-computer crashes – but a surprise outcome 

Ans:- Uncle-Hero 

Jack, Jacob and Jason were three close friends of St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Mon. They were students of class 9.

One day during their Alternative English period, a notice was served in the class room. The next Tuesday was Earth, Day and a competition was going to be organized in the Town Hall on s saving was to be participated energy. What excited them the most was the exciting prize money which was also mentioned. The competition with three different ideas which had been tried and tested experiments on saving energy. The three friends decided to participate with each one of them contributing one idea. After school they went around asking about experiments to their elders, relatives and neighbours. By evening, they had already collected enough to come up with three ideas to make their presentation. They all agreed to give a power point presentation. So they gathered at Jason’s place to make the presentations. They were very excited to have gathered all the details to make the presentations. They decided to take some rest as they had enough time to finish the projects. They played some games outside and returned home to have some snacks. After that, they finally settled to start the presentations. They had already completed two presentations when Jacob heard some sound behind the computer. It sounded like a spark so they went near to see what was going on. There was nothing there so they seated themselves. But when they did so, the computer screen showed nothing. It had crashed. They were out of words. They were so sad that they felt like crying. All their effort seemed a waste. They were going to disperse after discussing for a long time when Jason’s Uncle who lived in the next town saw them. He asked them what made their faces so gloomy. They explained him the situation. Jason’s uncle smiled at them and said he was a computer engineer and he could repair the computer in no time as he had his tools with him which he had brought to repair a neighbour’s computer. This gave a sigh of relief to the three friends

who had lost all their hopes. Jason’s uncle took only 15 minutes to fix the computer. The three friends, thus, completed the presentations in good time. The next week after the competition had finished when it was time for announcement of the winners, the three friends had come together. They were very happy with their presentations but everyone was good, so they were very nervous. When the 3rd and 2nd Prizes were announced their names were not called. But the announcement of the first prize gave them the surprise of their lives. They got the first prize. They never expected to get the first prize. They were very thankful to Jason’s uncle without whose help, they would not have won. He was their hero. 

3. Write a story in 150-200 words. Use the prompts given below to begin your story. Remember to provide a suitable title as well. 

Anitha and Puneet-school head girl and head boy-graffiti on school walls – search for the culprits-shocking discovery-offenders counseled – positive solution found. 

Ans:- Anita and Puneet were students of St. Peter’s School. Anita was the head girl and Puneet was the head boy that meant they were responsible to maintain discipline in the school and make sure that all students behaved well in the school campus. They were very efficient students. Four months after they were selected as the head, went by quite well. One day, at the morning assembly, the Principal gave a long lecture on cleanliness and discipline. Anita and Puneet, who sat, on the stage could see how the students disliked such long lectures. They were afraid that the notorious boys in class 9 would do the opposite of the lecture the principal gave. Right after the assembly, Anita and Puneet decided to take a

quick round of checking the campus to see if everything was okay. They went to the urinals to check on students hiding there to escape class. They did not find anyone there. So they decided to check the playground. Finding no one there, they went to the main entrance of the school. To their surprise, they saw large drawings on the walls just outside the main entrance. The drawings were of the principal and some teachers who usually gave long lectures during assembly. Anita and Puneet thought they would not be able to catch the culprits if they searched right away. They decided to start their mission of catching the culprits during recess. 

Therefore, during recess, they went to class 9 room quietly. They listened to what the class 9 students were talking about. The most notorious boy of class 9 was Mohan. They knew that Mohan was behind it. So they waited for Mohan to speak. Surprisingly, they found that Mohan was absent that day and it was Jonny who initiated the mischief. They went directly into the classroom and caught them talking about the mischief. 

They were taken to the principal who did not punish them. Instead, he advised them that such mischief would encourage, would tempt others to become notorious and break the rules and regulations of the school. Jonny and his friends also agreed. They promised not to repeat the same. They went away and Anita and Puneet also returned to their class with a smile of satisfaction on their faces. 

4. Write a story of at least 350 words starting with the following sentence ‘The last time I saw my aunt she was on the front cover of an international fashion magazine.’ 

Ans:- The last time I saw my aunt she was on the front cover of an international fashion magazine. I knew that she was a renowned model and many people liked her. But seeing her on the cover of magazine was something I never imagined. I felt proud to be her niece. I remembered what she always said about becoming a model and I was very happy that she could accomplish it. Seeing her photo on the magazine taught me a very good lesson. Dreams should not be dreams only but we should make our dreams reality with consistency and hard work. I also remember how hardworking my aunt was when she was in college. She would always say that it was she and she alone who was responsible in making her dreams come true. 

In the evening, I decided to give her a call to congratulate her. I was very excited to talk to her. But I thought I would disturb her if I called her. I was in a dilemma when the door bell rang. I went down to see who it was. 

When I opened the door I was so happy to see my aunt standing outside. She was smiling ear to ear, with a present in her hand. I had forgotten that it was my birthday that day. I had the best birthday ever that year when I turned 14. 

5. Write a short story of about 400 words with the following as the last line-‘Why, oh why did you leave the back door open?’ 

Ans:- There was a cat in the neighbourhood which looked like a bear and ran like a horse. She would always be present wherever meat was cooked at home. She had attacked and plundered our kitchen many times. To save our curry from her, we would adopt several tactics which in the end would prove futile. 

I remember the evening I told my sister to be cautious and alert. The next day was my birthday and I had bought 5 kilos of pork, 2 kilos of fish and cake. I knew that the cat, which we called Kapish would be preying around.

That night, I had a slight headache so I decided to take a and wake up later to prepare the curry. We had cleaned everything After having dinner a bit earlier than usual, I took a short n When I woke up at around 7:30 PM, my sister was crying over the remorse of her hero in some Korean movie. I went to the kitchen. When I reached the door that had been left ajar and the back door was fully opened I rushed in to find that Kapish had his visit already All the fishes had been tasted and the meat and the fish were on the floor. I got so shocked that my headache flew away. I opened the box where I kept my cake and atleast, the cake was safe. Kapish must not have felt like tasting it. I went to my sister and all that l could tell her was ‘why, oh why did you leave the back door open?” 

6. Write a story of about 350-400 words beginning with this line-Good friends are almost as important as family. 

Ans:- Good friends are almost as important as family. Friends are of different types. Everybody is aware of the fact that there are friends who mingle with us when we are well off but forsake us in times of our needs and help. We should be wise enough to spend more times with good friends, knowing each other better, encouraging each other to overcome challenges in life and also help each other by not indulging in bad things that may directly or indirectly affect our studies and our career. The life style of people living in rural area and urban area is different. In rural area, there are more relatives whom we can extend help in times of our needs , trouble etc, but in urban area we have more family friends rather than relatives and in times of trouble we turn to our friends or family friends whom we trust (good friend) 

In students’ life, staying in a hostel for studying in our own state or in other parts of our country is practiced widely. It means

that none of our family members is there to take care of us in times of our immediate need. The only option is to turn to our friends. Those friends, who make excuses when asked for their help are not good friends, but those who gladly help you without hesitation or without even knowing the gravity of the situation you are in, are the good friends, 

It was my first year in hostel. I was in class 9. When my father got transferred to another town, we did not have anyone who would drop us to school. Our school was very far from home and reaching school on time was difficult. So, after a thorough discussion, it was decided that I would stay in hostel until class 10. 

Hostel life wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. There was so much fun in doing things in group. I had made so many friends within three months. I thought all my mates were my close friends until the night I fell seriously ill. We had exam the next day. I had to be taken to the hospital. Many of my mates whom I thought were my close friends refused to take me to hospital. It was only John, my roommate, who took initiative to take me to hospital. He also had exam the next day like all the rest but was not worried about it. 

To this day, I remember the sympathy I was shown by John and will always cherish his friendship. 

7. Write a story of about 350-400 words about a beautiful valley hidden high in the mountains where something amazing happens. 

Ans:- The Miraculous Valley 

I love listening to stories from my early childhood. Once, when I was visiting my hometown, I was seated next to an old man, who happened to be from my community. Throughout the journey he seated silently, but as our bus passed some part an uninhibited area, he suddenly pointed me towards thickly forested mountains about 2 miles away from the main road. He told me that behind those mountains laid a beautiful small valley and in that valley something amazing happened. He told me that he heard the story when he was a kid like me, he told me that once there was a sickly widow with a beautiful daughter living in one of the village located far from the mountains. They were very poor and although she was a sickly widow, she had to do farming to support herself and her darling daughter. One day while she was searching the best mountain for cultivation, she suddenly came across this beautiful small valley with a little stream flowing through. While she was admiring the view a thought crossed her mind. Why not build a hut in the valley and cultivate in the nearest mountain. She thought in that way she didn’t have to walk hours but work more and also not worry about her daughter because she would be with her all the time. 

She shared about her thoughts to the village elders. Some said it was not a good idea. They were worried about what would happen if she fell sick. Her daughter was barely old enough to take care of her. However, she insisted that everything would be taken care up. 

Finally the elders granted her request and some young people, who sympathized her, went with her to the valley and built a very beautiful thatch house on the best spot of the valley. The mother and the daughter loved the beautiful valley and they became the care taker of that valley. They would clear up all those thorny bushes on the valley and its surrounding and transplant new wild flowers in those places. One fall, during the spring season her daughter

fell terribly sick. Her mother checked the medicine box but it was empty. She decided to walk to the village to buy some medicine but it was too late, while she was thinking what to do, her daughter called her and requested her to take her outside to have a glimpse of the flowers which she and her mother had planted. It was spring season and the valley was filled with flowers of different colours. It looked so heavenly. Even though she was sick, her face looked so lively. She asked her mother, an innocent question, “will the valley, the flowers and the streams that flows through, remember me after I am taken to heaven?”Her mother had no answer for that question. Just to make her happy, She said, “they will remember you, after all you’ve done a pretty job looking after them.” The answer touched her heart and with great excitement she kissed her mother. 

On that night, her daughter passed away. Her mother was overcome with grief. She dressed her with the loveliest dress she used to wear on Sundays at church, and buried her in her favorite spot in the valley. The next morning she visited her daughter’s grave to talk to her, as she knelt beside her grave, she saw a small plant spouting in the middle of her grave. She remembered her daughter asking “Will the valley and everything in it will remember me?” The mother thought that it must be the work of lord; a sign where people would see the tree and remember how her daughter looked after the valley. By third morning the tree was fully grown and blooming with flowers, a kind of flowers which no one had ever seen or known before. Every morning, the mother would stand by the window and talk to the tree. It seemed the tree understood whatever she said, because every time she asked a question the branches would shake. As days turned into week and weeks into month, the widow’s health became worst. Her only comfort was the tree.

One day the widow suddenly disappeared without a trace, the villagers said that she became part of the tree. The old man stop there, after a minute or so he said the tree never shed its leaves and the most amazing things was that there was always flower blooming throughout the years. 

Class-9 Alternative English Notes/Solutions

Chapter No.Chapter’s Name
Chapter 1On The Rule Of the Road
Chapter 2The Ogress and the two Orphans
Chapter 3The Indomitable spirit of Youth
Chapter 4The tunguska Event: Siberia 1908
Chapter 5The Devoted friends
Chapter 6Sonnet – To Science
Chapter 7The character of a Happy Life
Chapter 8Mother’s Tears
Chapter 9The Soul’s Prayer
1.The Tale of Ivan the Fool
4.Reported speech
1.Story Writing
4.Newspaper Report
1.Listening Transcripts

8. Mr. Clarke from England arrives in your hometown with his family. Write a story of about 350-400 words about their experiences during the first few weeks there. 

Ans:- The Visit of Mr. Clarke and Family 

It was evening; the sun was not visible anymore. Since my house was located in the middle of the town I was strolling around when I saw a white family alighting from a taxi. Now it was becoming dark and I was observing them. I could notice all that confusion and anxiety from their action. They tried talking but unfortunately it did not work. They were guests of my home town and I felt guilty for ignoring them for long, so I approached them. I introduced myself and welcomed them to the town. Apparently the confused faces turned into happy faces. They also introduced themselves. So, it was Mr. Clarke and his family from England. 

It was getting late so I asked them where they would like to put up throughout their stay in the town. 

Mr. Clarke requested me to take them to a lodge where all the basic modern facilities were available. 

“A home away from home’ He said

I took them to the most decorated lodging hotel in the town. I told Mr. Clarke that there was only one lodging hotel where all the facilities are available. 

“So, I hope you and your family can stay comfortably throughout your stay.” 

I had to be home as it was getting late and my mom would be worried. As I was about to say Goodnight to them, Mr. Clarke asked me to be their guide during their stay in the town. He showed me a map of our town with circles. Those were the place they wanted to see. I did not want to disappoint them so I accepted his request. 

I told Mr. Clarke that I would pick them from the hotel at 9 am the next day and took my way home. 

When I reached home, I told my family members about Mr. Clarke and his family. 

The next morning, I reached the hotel at 9:15. They were waiting for me at the lobby. After exchanging the pleasantries, Mr. Clarke opened his diary, took out the map he showed me the previous day and showed me some places which they wanted to check out first. We hired a taxi for the day. I mentioned the places to the driver. 

The condition of the road was not good. I apologized to them but they told me that they were enjoying the ride as such roads did not exist in England. Throughout the ride, Mr. Clarke and his family never stopped clicking and recording with their handy video camera. As we visited those circled places, Mr. Clarke and his family asked me tons of questions about the importance of the places, historical significance etc. I would explain with whatever knowledge I had about the places. Throughout the first week of their stay in the town I became their official guide and the taxi driver as their chauffeur. I did enjoy being a guide because it gave me the privilege to explain them our culture and in return I could learn so many things about their home town in England. 

Throughout the week there was no sign of boredom or fatigue on their faces. Whenever I asked them they would always reply with such enthusiasm that they enjoyed every bit of the time seeing new things which they had never seen in their entire lives. The prospect of seeing something new the next day always kept them in exciting mood. From their reply I presumed that Mr. Clarke and his family were having a good time. 

One day, Mr. Clarke and his family requested me to take them on a trekking, climb a nearby mountain, from where they could have a good view of the town. As usual they were waiting for me at the lobby. All packed for the trekking. I suggested that we walk towards the mountains so they could have something unique to excite them on the way. They all agreed. We walked for about an hour since the mountain was located at the outskirt of the town. After reaching the foothill we took rest for a while. There was a stream nearby. Mr. Clarke and his family fell in love with the stream. We all played in the stream for a while, 

“It is quite refreshing and the stream is beautiful” said Mrs. Clarke. 

It took us more than an hour to reach the top of the mountain but it was worth the climb. The view of the town from the mountain top was magnificent. The weather was good, we heard only the sound of nature, “It’s awesome!” Mr. Clarke screamed When we all sat down for a bite I told Mr. Clarke and his family that it was the last day for me to be their guide because I had classes from the next day. I told them not to be upset because I had told the taxi driver to guide them as long as they wished to stay. 

In the evening I bid them goodbye and headed home to be served a heavy dinner by mom. 

9. Write a story of about 350-400 words about a footballer who has a terrible experience, but ends up triumphant. 

Ans:- The Ordeal of a Footballer 

When it comes to sport, many choose to be professional footballers, rather than any other sports. In the European countries, in the field of sports, professional footballers’ package is much more than any other discipline. I do love watching football being telecasted live. 

I still remember a football match which I watched last summer. The star player of the team commits the most terrible mistake unconsciously which upsets his team and his supporters. But at the end he emerges as the saviour. 

The most terrible experience of a footballer is when he himself score goal for his opponent team. While the ball is played inside the box, most of the player from both sides comes dangerously close to the goal keeper. One of the opponent players kicked the ball towards our star player’s team goal post. If nobody had touched the ball, it would not have come close to the goal post, but our star player tried to head the ball away from the goal. Unfortunately the ball changed its direction and the keeper was unaware because of the large numbers of players in the box. It was a suicide goal.

After half time, our star player’s team struggled to break the defense desperately trying to score for an equalizer, as time was running out. The opponent team became so confident of winning the match and because of their over confidence, the defender took the match for granted. Our team was waiting for this moment and to their opponents’ dismay our star player scored a fantastic goal After a few seconds the referee blew the whistle commencing that the match was over, it was agreed to play another 15 minutes rather than a penalty shot as it was a knockout round. This decision was the deciding factor for both the teams. It was an intense pressurized 15 minute for both the teams, but once again the same magic was repeated. Just in the last minute our star player kicked the ball from outside the box and the ball span towards the goal with such velocity that even the opponent goal keeper could not block the ball from scoring. Our team star player did a terrible error but it was because of his rescue that the team won in the end. 

10. Write a story (between 350-400 words) on the theme of ‘rags to riches’. 

Ans:- Rags to riches 

We have heard, read, even come across individuals who are uneducated, illiterate, school drop outs and so on who transformed from ‘rags to riches’. These people do not suddenly stumble upon some secret wealth by luck, capitalize it wisely and become rich. The answer is a big no, these individuals who succeed are just ordinary individuals like us who see failure not as a stumbling block but as an instrument which opens new doors of opportunity. They are the determined lot with such sheer will power, creativity, smart thinking and courage who make precisely wise decision at the right moment or time, who are not scared to take the risks. In their life, they follow this simple formula and the outcome is ‘rags to riches’.

The phrase ‘rags to riches’ is used for describing situations in which someone has been very poor but becomes very rich. The question is, “can you and I be that someone?” The answer is hundred percent ‘yes’, provided we stick to the simple formula, what comes may, with undeniable positive thinking and lots of courage. In this age of advanced technology, we know Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. We remember him as not a beggar but a billionaire. During his college days, he was a nobody, a skinny young guy sitting on the last row of the class, playing video games, engrossed in thinking about software, how it has been designed, how it can be improvised, how to design an entirely new software which will benefit mankind and serve the purpose as it is meant to serve. 

After his graduation from college, he developed software which is now used in computers, smart phones, and smart gadgets. But it was not easy for young Bill. Several software companies ridiculed his concept to revolutionize technology with the software he developed. At last, a company agreed to try the software he developed as they saw something in young Bill. The company CO listened to his concept, how it would revolutionize the world of technology and his practical demonstration on how the software works and how with just a click we can contact someone who is on the other side of the globe. Throughout his presentation young Bill explained and demonstrated with such confidence and surety that the CO saw the potential not only in young Bill but the software he had developed. The company took the risk and that risk revolutionized and shocked the technology world, which led to the production of a new generation of computers, thanks to Bill Gates, we can contact anyone immediately with friends who are on the other side of the globe. The internet world was born. Now the world remember Bill Gates not as the skinny young man sitting in the last row of his classroom playing video games, but as a millionaire.

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