NBSE Class-9| Alternative English Grammar Dialogue

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In This chapter NBSE Class-9| Alternative English Grammar Dialogue. which is a part of the class 9 syllabus of Alternative English for students studying under Nagaland Board of School Education:

NBSE Class-9| Alternative English Grammar Dialogue

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Answer these questions. 

1. A teacher is talking to the mother of a student who is not doing very well in school. Write a dialogue in 150-200 words. 


Teacher :Please, sit down. 

(Mother) :Thank you.

Teacher : Okay, your son, John, has failed again. Are you aware of it? 

Mother :Yes

Teacher :. Are you a working mom or a house wife. 

Mother:I am a government employee. 

Teacher:Okay, so you are not able to spare some time for your son? 

Mother :Yes, except on weekends.

Teacher :Your son has failed in almost all the subjects, does he take tuition? 

Mother: Yes

Teacher:That’s weird. His result is very bad. So, what really Teacher do you think is the problem with him? 

Mother:I am also confused; I tried talking to him in vain. Mother He does not open his mouth. I am to be blamed for this. 

Teacher:Let me give you a suggestion; engage a teacher for home tuition, it will be helpful. 

Mother :Thanks for the suggestion. Teacher :Since it is not his first time to fail so badly in exam, so if he fails to get a better result this exam, he might even get transfer certificate. : 

Mother:Thank you for your concern, I will make sure that he improves from the next exam. 

2. Two friends are discussing their hobbies at recess. Write a dialogue in 150-200 words. 


Suresh:Are you done with your snacks? 

Anil: Not yet. 

Suresh :Okay. There is still 20 minutes left for the bell. (Munching the snacks) What do you usually do in your leisure? Do you have any hobby? 

Anil:Whenever I am free, I go out to play football with my friends. What about you? 

Suresh :I also play football most of the time. But sometimes I play basket ball or get engaged in painting 

Anil :Wow, I also like painting in my leisure time. So, what type of painting do you do? 

Suresh :Anil I like painting scenery with water colour and sketching portrait with pencil. 

Anil:Me too, I like painting scenery. 

Suresh:Do you have any programme this Saturday? 

Anil:No, but why?

Suresh :Shall we make a plan? We will identify a spot at our farm house and do some painting. 

Anil:Not a bad idea, we will try to make this weekend Suresh interesting. 

: We will do water colour painting and the theme will be ‘Nature’. 

Anil:You are so creative. I think it is already time for class. 

Suresh:I am excited about the Saturday, but now I am feeling bored to attend class. Me too. Now we have Science class. 

3. You discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet with a close friend or neighbour. Write a dialogue in 150-200 words. 


Sita :Internet is everywhere these days. It is driving people crazy. 

Ritu :As if you are not obsessed with it. 

Sita:Honestly, spending too much time on internet, 1 tend to neglect my studies. 

Ritu :Me too, these days I am very much into Facebook. I am always busy maintaining my profile that I sometimes forget to do my homework. 

Sita: It’s high time that we make a balance between internet and studies 

Ritu: You are right, my sister always tells me like that as at the end academic result will matter the most and not internet.

Sita :But you see, Internet has many advantages also. Can you imagine how we will keep ourselves updated with the happenings around the globe and do all the works like in the bank, offices if internet was not there? 

Ritu: And our projects and fashion updates. (Haha) 

Sita:So, the bottom line is that, internet with its advantages and disadvantages requires time management 

Ritu :Yes, You’re right 

4. You want to get to know a new classmate. Ask some questions about them and tell them something about yourself. 


Justin : Justin Angelo Hello, good morning, I heard you had studied at St. Peter before you joined our school. 

Angelo:Yes, I had been studying there before my father got transferred here. 

Justin:So, how do you feel about this school? 

Angelo:It’s only a few days after I joined the school. So I can’t answer it now. But I will answer you after some days, okay? 

Justin: Okay 

Angelo:I heard that the school has a good record for producing good academic result. 

Justin :Yes, our school ranks on top in the town in terms of academic result. 

Angelo :Okay, that’s good to hear. By the way, when do we have our annual sports week? 

Justin : In the month of September. I guess you are into sports.

Angelo :You are right. I like playing any kind of sport, playing games makes me feel happy and energetic. What about you? 

Justin: I am not into sports that much but I like playing cricket and football whenever I am free. Who are your favorite cricket and football players? 

Angelo :Virat Kohli is my favourite cricketer and Lionel Messi my football idol. What about you? 

Justin:Same here. 

Angelo:You are an interesting person. We have similar likings. 

Justin :Oh really, we will have fun during school annual sports. 

Angelo :I am counting on you. 

5. You are discussing holiday plans with your parents/cousins. 


Jimmy : I cannot wait for summer vacation. 

Cousin :Me too, I am tired of school, I need a break badly.

Jimmy : You always say like that. 

Cousin :This time I want to have an adventurous holiday.

Jimmy : Hey, let’s make a plan to visit our village. Our grandmother will be happy? 

Cousin :

Jimmy: I think fishing and trekking on the hillside will make our holiday fun. 

Cousin :Holiday in the countryside sounds fun. Not forgetting hunting birds, I will carry my air- rifle.

Jimmy: Hello, don’t you know that hunting is prohibited in our village? Our village forest is under Green Zone. 

Cousin: What about fishing? I hope it is not prohibited? 

Jimmy: We’ll ask our parents. 

Cousin :But this time we will exclude our sister, okay? They will interrupt us in our fun. 

Jimmy: Exactly only you and me. 

Cousin : Cannot wait. 

6. You are travelling alone by train. The person sitting next to you invites you to join him for a game of cards. 


John:Which game of cards are you good at? 

Me : Iplay Fishing Game (name of a card game) most of the time. 

John :Did you say fishing? I have also played the fishing game long back. I am a bit rusty now but I can manage. Anyway, shall we play Five Game? 

Me:I do not know how to play that game. Let’s play another one 

John :Okay, tell me what other game you play 

Me: How about three cards? 

John: Oh, I know that game. Let’s play it and whoever loses more will treat the winner. 

Me:Okay then, I agree with the challenge, but don’t blame me if I win everything.

John :I love challenges. Underestimating me will be a mistake (laughs) 

Me :That’s great John. Then, let’s start the game 

John : Yes, why not, here you take the first privilege to deal. 

Me :Now, John you deal. Let’s see if you get lucky. 

7. You are meeting a friend of yours after a very long time.


Me :Hi Jack, How are you doing? You have changed a lot! 

Jack : I am doing great, How about you? I reached Nagaland from Delhi only yesterday and I thought I would meet you first. We have not met for a long time, have we? 

Me;:You reached only yesterday and have the strength to walk around. I think you missed us all a lot (hehe) 

Jack: Yes, James. I got only a week’s holiday so I don’t have the luxury of time. Before I return to my office I am anxious to meet all our friends. 

Me :Wow! That’s a great thought. If you are free now then I will take you to some places where we’ll find them. 

Jack :That’s a great idea, it did not occur to me but since it has occurred, time should not be wasted. Let’s go and meet them. 

Me :Don’t be disappointed if they take time to recognize you because you have changed a lot.

Jack :Well, if that’s what you think, I have no objection. But if they recognize me at once you will have to pay me 100 bucks, otherwise, I will pay you 200. Do you accept? 

Me :Yes, I do. Come on then. Let’s visit some of our old friends. It is going to be very exciting. Anyway, once again, Jack, I am so glad to see you. 

Jack :Thank you and I am glad to meet you today 

Class-9 Alternative English Notes/Solutions

Chapter No.Chapter’s Name
Chapter 1On The Rule Of the Road
Chapter 2The Ogress and the two Orphans
Chapter 3The Indomitable spirit of Youth
Chapter 4The tunguska Event: Siberia 1908
Chapter 5The Devoted friends
Chapter 6Sonnet – To Science
Chapter 7The character of a Happy Life
Chapter 8Mother’s Tears
Chapter 9The Soul’s Prayer
1.The Tale of Ivan the Fool
4.Reported speech
1.Story Writing
4.Newspaper Report
1.Listening Transcripts

8. You are being interviewed for a position at a prestigious company. 


Myself (M): M Four board members (BM 1, BM 2, BM 3 and BM 4). 

M: (Door, half open) May I come in, Sir? 

BM 4:Yes, come in and please take your seat. 

M :Thank you, Sir, and a pleasant morning to all of you. 

BM1:Well, your name is Peter Parker and you are from Nagaland. 

M : Yes Sir, you are absolutely correct and Peter is my short name, you can call me so if it suits you all. 

BM 2:Peter, can you enlighten us by sharing something about yourself? 

M :Sure Sir, My name is Peter Parker and I am from Nagaland. I am a graduate from Arts background. I did my graduation from Kohima Arts College Nagaland, in the year 2013. I have a Diploma in Computer Application from NIIT Nagaland, which I took in the year 2012.

BM 3 : Quite an impressive resume, it seems you were quite busy after your graduation. 

M:Yes Sir. I have been working in the Co-operate sector in Delhi right after my graduation 

BM 4: Peter, I wonder why you have chosen to work in a co-operate sector rather than doing a comfortable Govt. job back home in Nagaland. 

M: That’s a brilliant question Sir. There is a huge difference between working in a Govt. set up and co-operate set up. In government job there is security, once a person gets a government job, there is no way he will be terminated from the job. But in government job the level of competition is less and to explore one’s potential is limited and it makes them lazy and dull. 

Working in a co-operate sector demands everything from us. Competition is fierce, pressure is there, but that helps the employees to explore his own potential, overcome many challenges, become more creative, active and become mentally sharp. There is more benefit working in a big renowned company then working in a government set up. That is my belief and my honest opinion. 

BM 2 :Well, Peter, that’s a brilliant answer, you are the first person to come out with a perfect answer. 

M:Thank you for the compliment, Sir, it is quite encouraging.

BM 3:Peter do you have any knowledge about the nature of work that our Company is involved in?

M:Yes, Sir, your company deals in outsourcing job. both inbound and outbound. The Company chiefly works for three powerful countries: America, Great Britain and Australia. Therefore, your company requires individuals who are fluent in English, good in diction and

has convincing skills.

BM 4: Peter it was a pleasure talking with you, we like your confidence and we have also seen the potential in you, but as we have more candidates to be interviewed so please be patient and we will call you.

M: Thank you all, Sirs.

9. You call the dentist’s office to make an appointment for your younger sister.


Myself (M): Good morning Sir, is this Smile Dental Clinic? 

Dental Clinic (DC): Good morning Sir, welcome to Smile Dental Clinic.

M:Sir, my younger sister has a dental problem but I cannot bring her without knowing the dentist’s schedule. So I would like to know the consultation timing.

DC:I understand, if you can stay on line for a while, I will let you know the dentist schedule for today and also check the week schedule.

M:That will be very helpful Sir, I will stay on line

DC:Thanks for being on line. Sir, I am sorry, the

schedule is too tight today. 

M:Thanks for the information, Sir. What about tomorrow or the next day.

DC:Let me check it out again. Sir, please be on line again. Thanks for being on line and yes, fortunately, someone has cancelled his appointment with the dentist, its tomorrow 10:30 sharp in the morning. Can you with your younger sister manage to be here at the mentioned time tomorrow?

M:Are you sure about it, Sir?

DC:Yes, I am.

M:It’s a relief to hear such good news. Thank you Sir, I will be there with my younger sister. Thank you for everything. Have a good day Sir and see you tomorrow. 

DC:It’s my pleasure to help you out. You too have a good day and see you with your younger sister tomorrow.

10. You are planning to go on a trip with your friends to a nearby town. You contact the front office staff of a Tourism Corporation to get information about the town. 


Me:Hello, good morning. Am I talking to the front office staff (FOS) of Tourist Guide, Kohima? 

Office Staff: Yes, you are. I am Veronica, what can I do for you?

Myself/ Luke:I am glad that you are available, Miss Veronica, I would like to get some information on some nearby towns or places for a holiday if you please. 

Office Staff:I am free right now, what would you want to know?.

Myself/ Luke: Thank you, I will try to be brief. Along with my friends, I am planning to go on a trip. We do not have any idea about the places around so we have decided to make enquiry from the office.

Office Staff:Well, if you and your friends are interested to visit a hill station, then there is a place which is 100 km away from Kohima. It’s Penzü town. 

Me:So, what kind of a place is it?

Office Staff:It is a small town on a hill with excellent tourist spots. The town is of great historical significance and is visited by many tourists. But, unlike our town, the weather there is unpredictable. I would suggest that you carry an umbrella and warm jackets.

Me:What about transportation?

Office Staff:There are 24×7 bus and taxi services. So you don’t need to worry about it. Besides, we provide transportation service ourselves if anyone wants it.

Me:Okay, we will discuss it and let you know if we decide to go there. Thank you

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