NBSE Class-9| Alternative English| Chapter-9 The Soul’s Prayer

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In This chapter NBSE Class-9| Alternative English| Chapter-9 The Soul’s Prayer, which is a part of the class 9 syllabus of Alternative English for students studying under Nagaland Board of School Education:

NBSE Class-9| Alternative English| Chapter-9 The Soul’s Prayer

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I. Explain with reference to context. 

1. Child, I will hearken to thy prayer, And thy unconquered soul shall know All passionate rapture and despair. 

a. Who is the speaker? 

Ans:- The Almighty God is the speaker here. 

b. Why is the soul ‘unconquered’? (“Unconquered’ by what?) 

Ans:- The soul is unconquered because it craves for experience and everything in life in a never ending measure. It is insatiated with joy and pain that God can make on it. 

C. What does the speaker promise the child? 

Ans:- The speaker promises that her soul will know all passionate rapture and despair of life. 

2. I, bending from my sevenfold height, Will teach thee of My quickening grace, Life is a prism of My light, And Death the shadow of My face. 

a.What is the effect of ‘sevenfold height’? 

Ans:- ‘Sevenfold height’ indicates the incomparability of God to humans and His all knowing and almighty nature as the master of life and death.

b. What do you understand of life and death from these STEN lines? 

Ans:-Life and death are what God grants and takes away. In fact, the entire existence of human is the grace of God. 

c. How is life and death contrasted? (What are the terms used?) 

Ans:- Life is associated with light whereas Death is associated with darkness and shadow. 

II. Answer the questions. 

1. Rewrite the dialogue between the child and the Master in your own words (in dialogue form). 

Ans:-Child: Oh! Reveal to me your inmost loves of life and death. 

I want to experience joy and pain which your hand can give. My soul is craving the experience. 

Do not spare any bliss and anger in my quest to learn the mystic knowledge. 

Master: Child, I will answer to your prayer. Your soul will experience what it craves for. You will learn the bitter and sweet aspects of life. You will experience the fire in love, the cleansing flame of pain which will make your spirit plead for release. The harshness will teach you the lessons of life and you will understand the simple secret of my love and grace. 

2.Describe the child. (attitude, knowledge, innocence). 

Ans:- The child is very impatient. She is craving for knowledge and wisdom from God and demands to be taught and shown everything about life. She does not realize her ignorance in her demand. This also shows how innocent the child is. She does not know that life is a very difficult journey filled with pain and suffering with its joys and sorrows. All these are important in life and are experienced for their purpose to make a person better. Her demand to feed her soul with all knowledge and wisdom shows her ignorance in understanding the mysterious grace of God. 

3.Will the Master respect the child’s request? What will He teach her? 

Ans:- The master listens to the child and tells her that she will experience the harshness of life with its bliss in the right measure and at the right time. She will learn how harsh love could be and how pure pain is. She will be taught to remove the impurities from her soul and be allowed to understand His grace and love. 

III. Going Beyond 

1. Can you think of two other ‘blind prayers’ that are sure to cause more harm than good to people? Share your views in an essay of not more than 150 words. 

Ans:- Blind prayers are very harmful. Many people are blinded with the idea of prayer and end up praying for things which are not logically or practically applicable. They make assumption that anything they wish for will be granted when they pray for it. This will make them irresponsible and lazy. The key to success is hardwork and determination but many people are misguided that prayers will help them to get Eve whatever they want without putting any effort to accomplish bit. As the saying goes “God helps those who help themselves”,this should be made clear to people that their prayers will be answered when they put into action what they want to achieve. 

2. In a short paragraph, discuss the significance of ‘Women’s Day’. 

Ans:- Women’s Day is celebrated throughout the globe on 8th March every year. Celebrating Women’s Day is an opportunity to appreciate the remarkable contribution of women to our society. 

“A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” Understanding a woman is a mystery and it needs lots of perseverance and knowledge. A woman is the epitome of love, sacrifice, care and ability to nurture life. 

The ability to nurture life makes woman the most powerful and strongest being. She can play different roles with ease be it that of a dutiful wife, obedient daughter, caring mother or adoring sister. 

Women down the ages are not given their due respects yet they go on without complaints. Women since time immemorial had powers to bring a change. Women now are more empowered and aware of their rights and the society has accepted their stand. The society is changing and paving way for the growth of the women. The changes can be seen in the fields of education, healthcare, equality and job opportunity. The new decade has seen a marked change in attitude towards women at large. Women have made strides in every field like politics, space exploration, etc.

The International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March all over the world. This is not just another day but it is a day to appreciate and give respect to all the women who are the essence of our lives. This day is a day to honour the life, grit and determination of women. These words of Charles Malik, former President of United Nations General Assembly aptly sum up the role of women “The fastest way to change society is to mobilise women of the world.” Legislations are made so that women get equal opportunities. 

This day is the need for the hour as it is a time for introspection. This day has been recognised by United Nations General Assembly as a means of recognizing the contribution of women to the society. There is now increased participation of women in different areas such as policy making. Women hil have showed that if not superior; they are equal to men in all Afields and taking tough decisions.

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