NBSE Class-9| Alternative English| Chapter-8 Mother’s Tears

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In This chapter NBSE Class-9| Alternative English| Chapter-8 Mother’s Tears, which is a part of the class 9 syllabus of Alternative English for students studying under Nagaland Board of School Education:

NBSE Class-9| Alternative English| Chapter-8 Mother’s Tears

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I. Explain with reference to context. 

1. Though I failed to offer him a silver spoon, Endow him with a plate of gold and riches; I did with the least I possessed, eked out My love, affection and helping hand. 

a.How did the mother compensate for her lack of riches? 

Ans:- The mother compensated her lack of riches by eking out her love, affection and helping hand to her son. 

b. Explain her frugality. 

Ans:- Her frugality was riches and material possession which she could not offer her son. 

c. What is the underlying mood? 

Ans:- The mood here is heartrending. The mother is concerned for her son’s happiness and is willing to give him her love for his happiness. She regrets that she has failed to offer him riches. 

 2.Never had I refused a single coin; Forbidden-not a word for this lovely lad; Nay not, question his habits and lavish lifestyle; I pondered, ‘why his joys should be measured in ethics.’ 

a. How does the mother regard her son? Identify the phrase. 

Ans:- The mother loves her son beyond measure. She does not refuse him anything and forbids or questions his habits of lavish lifestyle.

“Forbidden-not a word for this lovely lad:” 

b. What did the mother give her son in full measure? 

Ans:- The mother gave her unconditional love in full measure to her son. 

c. When does the reader sense that there is trouble? 

Ans:- The reader senses that there is trouble when the mother confesses that she has never refused whatever her son has asked for. 

3. Tho’ the world hates him, made mockery of him- My love didn’t waver, my hope didn’t stop; Is this a birth-pang for a new son? I vainly cried; I shed tears, if it could wash away his sins. 

a. ‘Is this a birth – pang or a new son?’ Explain. 

Ans:- The line expresses the mother’s sentiment of being the mother of a son who is mocked at by others. She questions whether the pain she is going through could redeem her son from the bad habits and restore his lost innocence. 

b. What does the word “vainly’ convey? 

Ans: ‘Vainly’ suggests the hopelessness of the mother to see change in her son and be someone she has always wished him to be. 

C. The mother uses ‘if’-‘if it could wash away his sins.’ How does this indicate what the mother really believes? 

Ans:- This indicates that the mother is filled with sadness to see what has become of her son. She cries vainly and hopes her tears will melt his heart to realize where he is heading.

II. Answer the questions. 

1. What does the phrase ‘mother’s tears’ evoke in you? 

Ans:- The phrase ‘mother’s tears’ evokes sympathetic sentiment towards the mother. She is helpless and regrets the yunconditional love she showed him. The joy she had at her son’s birth has now become grief. 

2. Is this a personal tragedy, or is it a larger story? What makes you think so? 

Ans:- The poet reflects the ugly side of a mother-son relationship in the society. It is a common sight in many families. Many a times the unconditional love of mothers is taken advantage of by their sons. Not only that, many mothers show so much love to their children that they become notorious as a consequence. As the mother in the poem regrets, many mothers regret for spoiling their sons. 

3. Is this a strong mother or a weak mother? Justify your answer. 

Ans:- The mother in the poem is a weak mother who did not know how to refuse her son when he wanted to get indulged in wrong acts. Her biggest mistake was showing the unconditional love to her son. Her love for her son veiled her reasoning ability and made her ignorant of the consequences of her love for her son. The poem is a reflection of what happens in many families in the society.

III. Going Beyond 

1.What do you think is the duty of a child to his/her parents? Discuss your views in an essay of not more than 150 words, 

Ans:- Every child must obey and respect their parents. Parents nurse their children from their birth. The children are grown up by their care and anxiety. They look into every need of their child, whether it be sleeping, playing or feeding, and furnish the same. Parents teach the children the right and the wrong. So it is their duty to obey their parents. All children grow in the care of their parents and get educated to establish in life and society. They hold respectable position in the society. They earn a lot. Many new friends, relatives do gather around them. It is all because they are being nursed by their parents in right earnestness and utmost care. So it is their utmost duty to look after them in their last days when they grow old and lose all vigours of life. The children are the asset and they deserve some help from them. They will bear the burden to care and nurse them. In old age, children become the source of inspiration to the parents. It should be the duty of every child to see that the parents are being looked into and a special attention and care is taken towards them with right earnestness and affection. It is all part of their duty to make them happy and bring peace to them. 

2. What are the dangers that teenagers must steer clear of in their youth? Discuss your views in a short paragraph. 

Ans:- Teenagers are volatile. They tend to go where the wind blows. Proper guidance should be provided to them to help them grow into successful individuals when they grow up. They are very easily attracted to media and its contents which many a times lead them to indulgence in socially unacceptable acts. Parents must play an active role in imparting the importance of media and at the same time the disadvantages of the same by limiting access to media. Media influences a person to getting indulged in drinking and immoral acts which will prevent growth in a teenager mentally and emotionally.

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