NBSE Class-9| Alternative English| Chapter-3 The Indomitable spirit of Youth

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In This chapter NBSE Class-9| Alternative English| Chapter-3 The Indomitable spirit of Youth, which is a part of the class 9 syllabus of Alternative English for students studying under Nagaland Board of School Education:

NBSE Class-9| Alternative English| Chapter-3 The Indomitable spirit of Youth

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I.Explain with reference to context. 

1. Another unique achiever was a great lady of science who discovered radium. She won not one, but two Nobel Prizes… 

a. Who is being mentioned here? 

Ans:- Madam Curie is being mentioned here. 

b. For what two categories did she receive the Nobel Prize? 

Ans:- Madam Curie received the Nobel Prize for Physics and Chemistry. 

c. How did she discover radium? 

Ans:- Madam Curie discovered radium while she was doing research on the effect of radiation on the human system. 

2. I asked all of them one question. “What do you want to become?” Out of the several students who responded, there was one visually challenged boy studying in class IX who got up. 

a. How did the boy answer this question? 

Ans:- The boy answered the question with confidence and great determination. 

b. What was Dr. Kalam’s reaction to his answer? 

Ans:- Dr. Kalam felt overjoyed on hearing the boy’s response. He congratulated him on setting his goal and encouraged him to work hard on his wings of fire.

C. What is the boy currently doing? 

Ans:- The boy is currently pursuing his studies at MIT, Boston. 

II. Answer these questions briefly. 

1. What battle must students fight to retain their uniqueness? 

Ans:- The students must fight the hardest battle any human being can ever imagine and never stop fighting until they arrive at their destined place. They must fight the battle to stand strong as unique people. This is in contrary to what the world compels to be like. 

2. Let not thy winged days, be spent in vain. What is Dr Kalam’s warning here? 

Ans:- ‘Let not thy winged days, be spent in vain’ is a warning not to waste your precious time of the youth in doing something that will show reflection of others and not your own. 

3. Why did Srikanth impress Dr Kalam? 

Ans:- Srikanth impressed Dr. Kalam because he showed courage and determination despite his physical state. He knew that Srikanth’s incomparable ambition would take him high to achieve everything he wished for. 

III. Answer these questions. 

1. Let your education shape your ‘wings of fire’. Discuss. 

Ans:- According to Dr. Kalam education gives an individual wings to fly. It is education which brings about righteousness, creativity and courage in individual. He wishes every individual to let education shape ‘wings of fire’ which will lead towards great achievement. The fire of the strong sub-conscious mind to say ‘I will win’ enables a person to achieve with these ‘wings of fire’. 

2. Think to yourself, “I WILL win!” Comment on Dr. Kalam’s purpose behind this statement. 

Ans:- “Think to yourself, I WILL win” is a self motivating statement which, according to Dr. Kalam, gives wings to fly. Achievements which come from the fire of the strong sub- conscious mind is created by the optimistic stance that makes an individual say “I WILL win”. It leads an individual to great achievements in life and career. 

IV. Going Beyond 

1. Is there a difference between a unique achiever and a unique YOU? Share your views in an essay of 150 words. 

Ans:- The term unique suggests distinction of an individual from others. Unique achievers are all unique YOU, who were able to make remarkable achievements by being unique. As the author mentions in the essay, being unique allows you to grow in all aspects and make you an adept in what you are involved in. It is the individual’s unique attributes which makes him different from others especially when his achievements are taken into consideration then, unique achievers are not different from unique you. They are individuals with more measures of hardwork, determination and consistency which allow them to grow beyond the limit.

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