NBSE Class-9| Alternative English| Chapter-2 The Ogress and the two Orphans

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In This chapter NBSE Class-9| Alternative English| Chapter-2 The Ogress and the two Orphans, which is a part of the class 9 syllabus of Alternative English for students studying under Nagaland Board of School Education:

NBSE Class-9| Alternative English| Chapter-2 The Ogress and the two Orphans

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I. Explain with reference to context. 

1. This was proved when one night, the younger boy who slept in the room of the Ogress, overheard a conversation between the Ogress and her husband. 

a. What was proved? 

Ans:- It was proved that the Ogress was not a close relation of the two brothers and that she had an evil intention of bringing them home. 

b. What happened in the conversation that the younger brother overheard? 

Ans:- In the conversation between the Ogress and her husband, the younger brother overheard the husband suggesting that since the young boy was fat enough to make a good meal, he should eat him up. The Ogress did not yield to it saying that he should wait for sometime to fatten him a little more. 

c. Did the younger brother tell the older one what he overheard? 

Ans:- Yes, the younger brother told the older one what he overheard in the conversation.

II. Answer these questions briefly. 

1. How did the Ogress alter the boys’ perception of her with a magical spell? 

Ans:- The ogress, under her magical spell, made herself appear like a good looking and loving woman. She removed all their doubts with her magical spell. 

2. Does the ‘fattening’ of the boys remind you of a similar incident in a fairy tale from another part of the world? Can you recall the story? 

Ans:- Hansel & Gretel. 

III. Answer these questions. 

1. Explain the phenomenon of the ‘missing heads’. Does this provide the reader with clues to guess the direction of the story? 

Ans:- The brothers noticed the peculiar phenomenon of missing heads of the trapped birds on few occasions. Despite changing the place for trapping, the phenomenon continued. This compelled them to wait in hiding near the trapping place to catch the one responsible red-handed. The decision of the boys gives away to this encounter with the ogress. 

The phenomenon indicates the occurrence of something mysterious and dangerous for the brothers as such phenomenon are not common occurrences.

2. Identify elements of the folk tale that characterize ‘The Ogress and the Two Orphans’. You can refer to the note below before you write your answer. 

A folk tale is a short narrative handed down through oral tradition, with various tellers and groups modifying it and adding to it. Most folktales eventually move from-oral tradition to written form. The content of folktales includes myths, legends, fables, tall tales, ghost stories, humorous anecdotes and fairy tales. 

(“A Handbook to Literature’ by C Hugh Holman) 

Ans:- ‘The Ogress and the Two Orphans’ is a narrative story of the Chakhesang and the Angami tribes. It is a story passed down to the present generation orally and it contains the traditional practices of these people. The story also has the characteristic of magic and mythical creatures like ogre and this categorize it into a folk tale. 

Class-9 Alternative English Notes/Solutions

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IV. Going Beyond 

1. What is the relevance of the story of ‘The Ogress and the Two Orphans’ to students today? Write an essay of 150 words, sharing your views. 

Ans:- The ogress and the two orphans shows the trust, love and harmony in the story as depicted by the villagers and the two brothers. These qualities are very important in building a society in harmony and trust. Today, in many aspects we see the participation of the entire community for a better cause. The trust of the people on their leaders and love for one another are also seen in their society like in the story. The story also has another aspect. It throws light on the pretentious nature of many people that allows them to get what they want if even their action causes harm to others, the Ogress nature is an example for it. The present society is built on all these trait in which every individual has equal indulgence. 

2. If you could get a magic charm, what would you use it for? Write your answer in a short paragraph. 

Ans:- If I could get a magic charm I would use it to bring about change in something which will do good for the entire society. I would change the way people show their indifference to the maintenance of public property especially cleanliness. This will assure a healthier society enabling all members to be active in contributing to its welfare.

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