NBSE Class-10| Alternative English Grammar Story-Writing

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In This chapter NBSE Class-10| Alternative English Grammar Story-Writing. which is a part of the class 10 syllabus of Alternative English for students studying under Nagaland Board of School Education:

NBSE Class-10| Alternative English Grammar Story-Writing

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Develop stories using the hints or the instructions given.

1. Lipok at the railway station – seeing off his friend – saw a little girl of five crying – obviously lost – calmed her down – took her to information counter – asked to announce in public address system – little girls’ mother appeared – happily reunited.


Lipok had gone to the railway station to see off his friend Ramesh who was going to Delhi. The train was late. He was to wait for an hour and thirty minutes. He and his friend were sipping tea when he saw a five-year-old girl crying. Perhaps she was lost in the crowd and had got separated from her family.

Lipok went to her, patted her gently and tried to pacify her. But the girl was crying and shouting “Mummy”. Some more people were attracted towards her. They suggested to Lipok to take the child to the information counter. But they themselves did not bother to help the child. That’s the situation every- where. Lipok, thought over the matter. Then he de- cided to inform the railway police first. He called a policeman and informed him about the child. Legally, it was necessary, otherwise the girl’s parents might allege him of kidnapping the child. The policeman called a lady police and all the three went to the information counter. The lady police had taken the girl in her lap.

Announcement about the girl’s age and dress was made repeatedly. Within a few minutes, the girl’s parents came running to the information counter. The girl shouted “Mummy” and raised her hands towards her mother. The mother took the child in her lap and kissed her. The child stopped crying. Her parents thanked them all and went away with the child. The child waved “good-bye” to them. It was a happy ending.

2.Timee a teenager – having fun in the sea with some friends good swimmer – inclined to show off – – ventured into deeper water-cramps in legs-shouted for help-friends not swimmers – life guard on shore heard cries – pulled Timee to shore.



Timee was a teenager. He was fifteen. He was a student of Class IX. One day he had gone to the sea with some of his friends. He was a good swimmer. But he was in the habit of over exposing sometimes and it put him in troubles from time to time.

On that very day he didn’t have any intention to show off. But the activities of teenagers are unpredicatble. His friends did not know how to swim. He was the only one who knew this art. He wanted to show them that he was superior to them. So, he went for swimming. His friends cautioned him against the dangers of the sea. They told him that it was not a swimming pool. But he did not care for their advice. He ventured into deeper water and tried to display the feats of swimming.

Suddenly, he felt that his right leg was trapped in something. He tried to free it. It became free but he had cramps in both the legs. It became almost impossible for him to swim. He shouted for help. But his friends were not swimmers. What to do? His life was in danger. His friends could not decide what to do. Some members of the life guard were present on the shore. They also heard his cries. Two of them jumped into the sea and swam towards him. They pulled him to the shore and saved him. He thanked them for their kind help and swore not to venture again.

3. Azumi and her brother are street performers. Azumi is a tightrope walker and her brother is a drummer. They need money to save their sick mother. Some- one from the crowd walks forward and ask them to stop performing. The day ends in a completely dif- ferent way for Azumi and her brother.



Azumi and her brother, Tamzen, were orphans. When Azumi was ten and Tamzen was six, their father died in a bus accident. There was nobody to look after them except their sick mother. The people of their community used to help them with food. But how long? They had their own problems. Now the question before these two was how to survive and save their sick mother.

Azumi knew a few steps of martial art. She also knew the art of balancing herself. The two decided to perform in streets and earn their bread. Azumi became a tight rope walker whereas Tamzen became a drummer. People liked their feats and somehow or the other they earned money to look after their sick mother.

One day when they were performing in the New market area, a gentleman appeared there. He asked them to stop. He was a member of State Child Welfare Association. He heard their stories and took them to the office of SCWA. He held a meeting with other members of the Association. The Association decided to take the responsibility of the two children and their mother.

Now, both the children have joined Government High School and their mother is no longer sick. With the help of SCWA the children are studying and the mother is an office assistant.

4. Mamang was bored as he was all alone in his uncle’s old bungalow where he had come to spend his summer holidays. He claimed up to the top of the stairs, when he saw a door which had never been there before. He went in and in the middle of the room was a strange red box. He slowly lifted the lid, peeked underneath and saw something which would change his life forever….



Mamang had come to his uncle’s house to spend his summer holidays. It was an old bungalow. One day he was all alone in the house. The other members of the family had gone to work in the field. Children were in the school. All were supposed to come in the evening because children had to attend tuitions after the school hours.

Mamang felt bored. He could not decide what to do. Then he climbed up to the top of the stairs. There he saw a door which he had never seen there before. It was a room. He opened the door and went in. The room had windows opening in all directions. Everything was kept neat and clean there. In the middle of the room he saw a strange red box. It was put on a table. He hesitated for a while but moved on.

He went near the red box and opend it. A streak of smoke came out of the box and a strange creature appeared in the air. It was a ZIN.

“What’s the order my my lord”? asked the


Mamang was scared. But he collected his

courage within him and said, “Make me a Crorpati”. “Ok, my lord” said the creature and disappeared. Just then bundles of thousand rupee notes started falling all around him. He closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, he was lying in bed and his uncle’s sons had surrounded him. 

“Get up, Mamang. We are going to play,” said Sunny.

Now Mamang realised the he was fast asleep and dreaming.

5.Vireno was playing on her computer. Her mum had told her to turn it off because it was nearly dinner time, but she was so busy concentrating on the game that she didn’t hear. She was on the last level of her favourite game, and she was just about to kill the evil wizard Mag so that she could move onto the next level. The screen flickered….. It flickered again, and it started flashing strange colours, Suddenly Vireno was sucked into her computer screen. When she awoke, she found herself in the the wizard’s cham- bers. SHE WAS ACTUALLY INSIDE THE GAME!


Vireno, a teenager of fifteen, was playing on her computer. It was going to be dinner time. All the members of the family, except Vireno, were watching TV News. Her mum had told her to turn the computer off. But she did not pay attention to her call. She was so busy concentrating on the game that she did not hear anything. She was on the last level of her favourite wizard game. She was about to kill the evil wizard Mag, so that she could move into the next level.

But lo…..

The screen flickered……. flickered.. flickered. Its colour started changing. Strange colours flashed….. green, red, black, blue, purple…. and Vireno lost herself. She was sucked into her computer. She woke up and found herself in the wizard’s chamber.

She was Actually Inside the Game!

She was a strong and courageous girl. She was quite fearless. She knew martial art. She was preparing for the black belt in her club. So, she was not going to leave the evil magician. She ran behind him and applied a front kick. The magician fell to the ground but all on a sudden he stood up and tried to escape. Vireno was going to release him any way. He was an evil man and he must be punished. She caught him from behind, clenched her first and started boxing and kicking him…….

Suddenly, she felt her body violently shaking

and she opened her eyes. The whole family had gathered around her and they were smiling and laughing.

“Do you fight even in your dreams?” Father asked and all the members of the family started laughing.

Vireno had fallen fast asleep and she was fight- ing in her dream with the magician. The computer was still on.

Class-10 Alternative English Notes/Solutions

Chapter No.Chapter’s Name
Chapter 1The Fragrance of The Gods
Chapter 2Man Against Virus
Chapter 3Speech by Severn Suzuki
Chapter 4In Celebration of Being Alive
Chapter 5The Ambitious Guest
Chapter 1To Sleep
Chapter 2Prayer of the Meek
Chapter 3Closed Path
Chapter 4Old Folks Laugh
1.Degree of Comparison
4.Active and Passive Voice
1.Newspaper Report
The Diary of a Young Girl

6.It was Christmas Eve and Lucy Brown was very ex- cited. She hung her stocking up on the wall next to her bed and fell fast asleep. In her dream, she thought of all the lovely things that Santa would bring her. When Lucy woke up, she looked in her stocking and found a silver box. It was very shiny, with a star on the lid. She opened it to find….



It was Christmas Eve. Lucy brown was very excited. She hung her stocking up on the wall next to her bed and fell fast asleep. In her dream, she thought of all the lovely things that Stanta would bring her. All through the night she moved in her dream world.

In the morning when she woke up, she looked in her stocking and found a silver box. It was very shiny. It had a star on the lid. She opened it and found a pair of five-rupee golden coins. There was a piece of paper, too. She unfolded the paper and read the inscription.

“Dear Lucy, Thank God for whatever He has given you. There are countless deprived children in the world. You are  a blessed one. Try to be a giver, not a taker Preserve your lucky coins.”

Lucy was very happy. She read the lines again and started thinking. Was it Santa or Father or Mother? Whoever had given the gift, it was the prized possession. She took her New Year Resolution that she would always try to help others and be a giver, not a taker.

7.7.Study the picture below. Write a story based on the picture. There must be a clear connection between the picture and your composition.




lived in the valley with her parents. The valley was situated in the base of the mountain near the border area. The villagers used to grow rice and vegetables for their livelihood. Some were daily- wages-labourers in the neighbourhood where stone- crushing machines were installed. Trucks and goods- carriers were being loaded and unloaded. They used to bring boulders from the mountain and river and take away stone chips to the town. The manager employed villagers as labourers for his work. Sometimes, BSF people came to the village on their usual rounds and bought vegetables for their supplies to the camp.

Villagers were simple, honest and hard-working people. They were not ambitious like the town people. So, they were happy and satisfied with whatever they had. But one day something happened which left them unnerved.

A tiger was seen in the village. It attacked and killed some of their pet animals. They did not know how to control and capture the tiger. The only way to save their lives was to climb up the mountain till the BSF people or the people of Forest Department came and capture the tiger. So, they tried to escape by climbing up the mountain. Motungla also did the same with her elder brother and parents.

They stayed on top of the moutain for a few hours. Meanwhile the people of Forest Department came, trapped the tiger and took it way. The villagers took a sigh of relief and came down to start their daily life as usual.

8. Write a story about a courageous class mate.



Vijay was a fourteen-year-old boy of Class IX. He was studying in Government High School, Tully. His father was a farmer and his mother was a housewife. His younger brother was Babalu. He was eight. Both the brothers used to go to school together. Vijay was a boy of strong will-power.

One day it so happened that he was returning with his brother from his school. On the way, they had to cover a distance of one kilometres across the forest. When they were passing through the forest, they saw two miscreants trying to snatch a bag from a traveller. They recognised the traveller. He was Makan uncle from their village. He was shouting for help. But there was none to help and save him.

Vijay gave his brother his school bag, instructed him to maintain some distance from the scene and ran towards the miscreants. The miscreants were boxing and kicking Makan. But Makan had not yet left his bag. Suddenly, Vijay kicked one of the miscreants on his back and gave him a heavy blow. The miscreant fell to the ground. Makan, too, gained his courage and started beating the other miscreant. Both the miscreants realised that it was the proper time to escape, otherwise they would be in trouble. They ran away. Babalu joined his brother and Makan. The three walked together in a happy mood towards their village.

9. Develop a story using the hints given below : – Sorenthung was returning from school – it started raining heavily he runs towards a deserted building for shelter – finds he is not alone…..


The Snake

Sorenthung was twelve. He was in class VI in Government High School. When the final bell of the school rang, he came out of his class and moved towards the gate. He was on the road. All on a sudden it started raining. His friends ran in various directions to take shelters. Sorenthung also ran towards a deserted building for shelter. When he went inside its gate, he found that he was not alone. Some more students were there. All of them were waiting for the rain to stop, so that they could move towards their respective houses. Some of them were senior students. They were talking about the forthcoming Board Examinations. They were worried about preparation for Mathematics and Science.

Sorenthung was watching the activities of some monkeys which were jumping from branch to branch of a tree. Suddenly, he heard the hiss of a snake nearby. He turned his attention towards it and found a black snake near him. He lost his confidence, got scared and shouted ‘snake! snake!’ and ran towards the gate. He did not care for the heavy rainfall. All those who were standing there got panic and ran away to save their lives. Panting for breath, Sorenthung stopped only when he reached home.

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