NBSE Class-10| Alternative English Grammar Newspaper Report

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In This chapter NBSE Class-10| Alternative English Grammar Newspaper Report. which is a part of the class 10 syllabus of Alternative English for students studying under Nagaland Board of School Education:

NBSE Class-10| Alternative English Grammar Newspaper Report

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Write a newspaper report in 100-150 words. Use the prompts given below. Remember to provide a suitable headline to the report.

1. An eight-year-old from Nagaland has won the first prize in the International Youth Chess Tournament held in Spain beating 150 other contestants from 29 countries.

He was not from an affluent family but was supported  by people from the town he lived in.


Nagaland in International Youth Chess Tournament :A.K.S.
Spain, 25 Nov.
An eight-year-old boy named Tamjen from Nagaland has won the first prize in the In- ternational Youth Chess Tour- nament held in Spain. He had beaten 150 contestants from 29 countries.
Tamjen’s father is a rick- shaw puller and his mother is a simple house wife. Some of the rich neighbours bear his educational expenses. No body had ever imagined that Tamjen would bring such a glory to his family and his state although he was a bright stu- dent in his school. His teach- ers knew that someday he would bring a great name to his school too.
He has extraordinary skill in chess. He had participated in District Chess
Tournament at the age of seven and had come out successfully. Later, he partici- pated in National Youth Chess Tournament and represented Nagaland in it. Again hebecame victorious. The last goal to achieve was to win a gold medal in an international touranment, which he did. His parents, neighbours, the school, the state and the whole country are proud of him. The Honourable Chief Minister has already an- nounced a prize of five lakhs rupees for him.

2.Visitors to the Crocodile Park had a rude shock when they were suddenly attacked by a crocodile which tried to sneak in through a hole in the enclosure. Fortunately, it was spotted immediately. Its lethal jaws tore the watcher’s bag in two, but the man escaped with minor injuries, thanks to the prompt action of the guard who rushed to the rescue within seconds.


Dimapur, 27 Nov.
Visitors to the Crocodile Park received a rude shock when they were suddenly attacked by a cunning crocodile.
Visitors were watching the crocodiles in the park. Some of them were taking their photographs, too. Some visitors had turned their backs towards the enclosure. They wanted to have croco- diles in the background of the photographs. Suddenly a crocodile tried to sneak in through a hole in the enclo- sure and caught a visitor’s bag in his jaws.
People started shouting and the guards rushed to the spot. The Crocodile had torn the visitor’s bag in two. The visitor had fallen to the ground. He had already released the strap of the bag from his shoulders. The guards controlled the ‘situa- tion. The crocodile ran inside the enclosure after the inter- ference of the guards. But it was still chewing and engulf- ing the remains of the visitor’s bag. The visitor had received minor injuries. There was nothing to worry about. Thanks to the prompt action of guards who rushed to rescue him within seconds!

3. You are a member of an international organisation concerned about the environment. The organisation has asked you to write a report on pollution in the nearest town or city. Your report should include: 

  • .a brief account of the kind of town or city it is- reidential, industrial, etc.
  • the main causes of pollution. 
  • your opinion of how successfully the town or city is dealing with the problem 
  • your own suggestions for improvement.


Dimapur is an important in Nagaland. It is a commer- cial town. Supplies to all parts of Nagaland are sent from Dimapur. It is a centre of commercial activities. It is a residential town. It has many shops. Nagaland has only one railway station. It is in Dimapur. It is the only plain area of Nagaland. Other districts of Nagaland are hilly areas.
People of almost all religions reside in Dimapur including Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Jews etc. But Nagaland is a Christian state. It has many churches, temples, mosque and gurudwara. Dimapur is a
fine example of unity among diversity. People of all religions live together with love and botherhood.
Two years ago, the town looked very dirty and garbage dumps could be seen here and there. But, after the Prime Minister’s “Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan” people have become extra ordinarily alert. They don’t throw garbages here and there. The DMC has also passed prohibitary orders to check the use of polythene bags. It has introduced bio- degradable bags. Roads are clean, drains are clean and the town as a whole looks beautiful.

4.Your school has just celebrated its golden jubilee by organising an inter-school sports and cultural meet which was attended by all the schools in your town. Write a report about it for your school magazine and then write another report about the events for a local daily.

Ans. Report for School Magazine

Golden Jubilee Celebration in MNC School : John
Last week, MNC School celebrated its Golden Jubilee by organising an inter-school sports and cultural meet. All the schools of Dimapur attended it. It was really a grand celebration.
Preparation for the celebration was going on for a month. Rigorous and vig- orous practice was going on. Most of the participants were from the higher section. As MNC School was the host school, it was a matter of prestige for the students and teachers. They wanted to make it a successful programme.
During the sports meet,finalists were selected. Other schools had already sent their
finalists. High jumps, Long jumps, Khokho, Kabaddi, Badminton, Volleyball, Cricket, Arm Wrestling, Relay race etc were properly organised in a systematic way. All the winners were not from MNC school. Other schools also won gold medals.
On the last day, music and dance programes were organised. The participants left the audience spell bound. The closing ceremony was really memorable. The principals from all the schools thanked the principal, staff members and the students of MNC School for making the programme successful.

Ans. Report for a Local Daily

MNC School Celebrates its Golden Jubilee: John
Dimapur, 12 Nov.
MNC School concluded its Golden Jubilee Celebration with great pomp and show. It had organised an inter- school sports and cultural meet in which all the schools of Dimapur had participated.
All schools had sent their selected students for partici- pation. Almost all of them were from the higher sections of their schools. New District level records were set in various games and sports.
Previous Long jump and high jump records werebroken. Khokho and Kabaddi rounds were very interesting. All the students of
various schools enjoyed them. What to speak of Badminton & Volley ball! Arm Wrestling matches were highly entertaining.
Events concluded with music and dance programmes. The partici- pants left the audience spell bound. Almost all the principals from various schools along with their staff members had come to grace the occasion. They thanked the principal & the staff members of MNC School and expressed their gratitude and satisfaction for conduct- ing the events successfully.

5. You were a member of the swimming team which represented your school in a state level competition. As a student reporter for a city edition of a national newspaper, write a report for the newspaper.


Swimming Competition in Nagaland : A.K.S.
Dimapur, 15 June.
A state level swimming competition was held in local water-park where partici- pants from all the districts of Nagaland had gather together to participate in it. It had various levels of swimming including breast stroke, back stroke, side stroke, butterfly stroke, front crawl, free style stroke, common stroke etc.
Boys round and girls round were held separately at different time intervals. Although Nagaland is a hilly area, it was pleasant to watch
the enthusiasm of the participants. Most of the students participated in at least four to five levels.
Dimapur topped the medal tally with five gold, four silver and five bronze. Kohima was the second in position with three gold, three silver and two bronze. Other districts had to satisfy them- selves with one or two medals. Students’ leaders thanked the government for organizing such events. They hoped that such events would continue in future, too.

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6. Write a report describing the Republic Day celebrations in your town.


Republic Day Celebration in Dimapur : Jack
Dimapur, 26 January: Various schools of Dimapur celebrated 26 January as Republic Day in local DDC Stadium. It is the day onwhich Republic Day Parade is observed at Rajpath in New Delhi in the presence of the President of India. The parade is the main event of the country. 26 January is celebrated as Republic Dya to honour the date when the constitution of India came into force.
The celebration in the local stadium started with unfolding the national flag and singing the national anthem. It was followed by March pass parade of
various schools in their
school uniforms. It was an
attractive scene to watch. Some students played the roles of freedom fighters like Gandhiji, Sardar Patel, Pandit Nehru, Rajendra Prasad, Sardar Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad etc. One quiz competition was held in which schools of Dimapur participated. All the questions asked in the quiz were related to the freedom of India. The ceremony came to a close with sweet and water bottle distribution among the students and teachers.

7.Write a newspaper report on ‘Saving our culture and tradition’ in about 150-200 words.


Save our Culture and Tradition : by A.K.
Dmp, June20: A Seminar was conducted in G.K. Memorial School on the topic “Save our Culture and Tradition”. The participants from various schools expressed their concern on the fast degrading culture and tradition of the country and warned the young genera- tions of its devastating effects in future and reminded them of the need of the hour to preserve it.
They said that culture and tradition is very important for us as it is our way of introduction. Culture and tradition gives us identity in community. Now-a-days it is going to be lost, so we will have to save it.
Culture is our way of life. It includes our values, beliefs, customs languages etc. Our
culture measures our quality of life, our vitality & the health of our society. Through our culture we develop a sense of belong- ing personal & cognitive growth and the ability to relate to each other. Tradi- tion is the knowledge or belief which is transmitted or handed over orally from ancestors to posterity with- out the aid of written memorials.
Tradition is often contrasted with the goal of modemity. We are losing our culture and tradition because of industrialization & global- ization. Following the Western culture blindly will leave us nowhere. There would be indentity crisis for us. We would neither be Indians nor westerners.

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