NBSE Class-10| Alternative English Grammar Dialogue

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In This chapter NBSE Class-10| Alternative English Grammar Dialogue. which is a part of the class 10 syllabus of Alternative English for students studying under Nagaland Board of School Education:

NBSE Class-10| Alternative English Grammar Dialogue

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4. Dialogue

Topics for dialogue-writing

1. Phongshak is a very quiet and shy student in your class. Introduce yourself to Phongshak and begin a conversation with him. Use the cues below to find out about his favourite subject, sports, hobbies and other activities.

Ans. I meet Phongshak who is a very quiet and shy student in our class. I talk to him.

I : Hi, my name is Ankush. You are Phongshak perhaps, aren’t you?

Phong : Yes, Iam Phongshak

I: Well, Phong, what is your favourite subject?

Phong : I like science very much. I would like to be a scientist in future. 

I: Good! And what about your hobbies?

PhongI study the research papers of various scholars related to science if I have some spare time. That’s the centre of my interest. I try to study new things everyday. What about you?

I would like to be an engineer in future. I am equally interested in Maths & Science. Do you like games and sports? I like swimming and I play badminton almost everyday.

Phong.I like to play football and some indoor games.

I: What do you do to entertain yourself? I

Phong.like to listen to music and get myself busy on Facebook.

2. Talk to your friend about his recent vacation. Ask questions about the vacation. Where/how long/with whom/what he/she did there/photographs. 

Ans. Monu meets Sonu after the vacation and asks him questions about the vacation.

Monu: Hi Sonu, I think you had been out of the town during the vacation. Where had you been?

Sonu : I had gone to my father’s native village. Monu: How long did you stay there? Who were there with you? 

Sonu : Well, I stayed there for a fortnight with grand parents, uncle, aunt and their


Monu: How did you enjoy your vacation there? Was it a pleasant one?

Sonu: Yes, of course. It was a pleasant experience for me. I was in the lap of nature with open space and fresh air. The green fields with planted crops all around. I liked to work in the field with my uncle and it was really a very pleasant experience.

Monu: Any other thing?

Sonu : Yes, there are many. I learnt the art of fishing with a fishing rod, swam in the pond, enjoyed many tasty dishes of rural

areas with fresh and green vegetables. Above all, I enjoyed taking photographs of the beauti- ful scenes of the village. I took photographs with my smart phone. You can have a look at them anytime.

Monu: Of course, I would like to see them.

3. Benjongkumla and Thungdemo studied together. The two friends meet after a long time. Benjongkumla is moving to Thungdemo’s neighbourhood. She wants to know more about the neighbourhood. (kind of people-families, young people, retired people/ stores/recreation facilities/public transportation/ pollution/traffic/noise level/advantages and disadvan- tages)


Your friend is moving in your neighbourhood and wants to know more about the neighbourhood. Write a dialogue between you and your friend in about 150- 200 words.

Ans. Bejongkumla and Thungdemo meet after a long time and talk about Thungdemo’s neighbourhood.

Thung : Hi Ben, how are you? We meet after a long gap, don’t we?

Ben: Oh! Yes, Thung. I had gone to saty with my aunt. I’m moving to your neighbourhood very soon.

Thung: But why?

Ben: Well, my landlord has sold his land and the new owner is coming to live in the same house.

Thung : Oh, I see. Then welcome to my


Ben : I don’t know much about your neighbours What kind of people are there?

Thung: Either business class or service class people are living there. Some retired people are also there. Our Goa Burah (Headman) is a gentleman. He is very much co-operative.

Ben: Good! And what about stores for daily supplies of household commodities and the public transport system?

Thung: There are five grocery shops, two restaurants, and some tea stalls, too. As for public transport, you may come to the crossing situated in the neighbourhood and may get into the city bus or hire an auto or a rickshaw.

Ben : And what about traffic, noise level and pollutions?

Thung: It depends on the place where your residence is. If you are near the crossing, noise and pollution will be there. But if you are away from the crossing, your place will be a peaceful one.

4. You’re at a restaurant. You place an order, but every- thing goes wrong. The service is poor. The food, when it comes, isn’t what you ordered. It’s poorly prepared. Even the plates and cutlery were not good. The waiter comes by and asks, “Is everything O.K.?” Write your response to the waiter and the waiter’s replies to your complaints.

Ans. I am talking to the waiter in the restaurant.

Waiter:Is everything O.K., Sir?

I: I don’t think it’s so. What did I order for?

Waiter:I think you have been served as per your order. You might have ordered for rice and chicken.

: Not at all. I had ordered for Pullaw rice, Dal fry and Vegetables with Salad. See, what you have served. You have served me non-vegetarian food.

Waiter Sorry Sir, there might be some confusion.I’ll replace the food. 

: I don’t mind the non-vegetarian food. But see the spoon. It’s shaking. The plate is cracked. The table….. Do you think it’s


Waiter:Sir, the servant might have cleaned it in a hurried manner. That’s why, that corner is left. As for the plate, it’s cracked I know. But no liquid food drips out of it.

1: Excuses and only excuses! Go to hell! I won’t eat anything in your hotel. See, the rice is cold and ants are moving in it. How dirty!

5.You are practising for the hockey championship next month, but your term examinations too are coming up next month and your father is concerned that you spend too much time at practice. Write a dialogue between your father and you. 

Ans. My father is talking to me about my term examination.

I: Good Morning, Father!

Father: Good Morning, my dear! What are you doing these days?

I: Nothing special. I am practising for hockey championship. Next month I’ll have to participate in hockey matches. I hope we will manage to enter the semi- final.

Father: You look very confident. Are you equally confident in your preparation for the term exams, too?

I: Of course I am. I have already prepared for it. In term exams, only a few chapters from every subject are asked. I go through revision of them from time to time. I may secure 90% or above in almost all the subjects.

Father I’ll see to it whether there is similarity between saying and doing or not.

I : I’m ready for that, Father. After all I’m your son.

Father Ha, ha, ha, ha………..

Class-10 Alternative English Notes/Solutions

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Chapter 2Man Against Virus
Chapter 3Speech by Severn Suzuki
Chapter 4In Celebration of Being Alive
Chapter 5The Ambitious Guest
Chapter 1To Sleep
Chapter 2Prayer of the Meek
Chapter 3Closed Path
Chapter 4Old Folks Laugh
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The Diary of a Young Girl

6. Script a dialogue in about 150-200 words between two teachers sharing details about an educational tour for their students during the winter break.

Ans. Mr. A: Hellow, Mr. B ! What’s the plan for educational tour for our students during the winter break?

Mr B: Well, we are planning to go to Rajasthan during the winter break.

Mr. A: Good! Why don’t you plan for South India this time? Tamil Nadu, or Kerala or Karnataka. In Tamil Nadu Puducherry and Chennai, in Kerala Wayanad and Alleppey; then in Karnataka Hampi and Mysore. These are the famous places for an educal tour.

Mr. B: Of course, they are. We may plan for some of these places next year. This year, most of the students want to visit Rajasthan. They want to see places and castles of historical importance including other places.

Mr. A: What are such places they want to visit.

Mr. B: Well, in Jaipur they can see Jal Mahal, Amber Fort, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, Pink City Bazaars, Albert Hall Museum, Birla Temple Sariska National Park etc. In Udaipur, they can see city palace, Lake Pichola, Lake Palace, Lake Garden Palace, Vintage Car Museum, Bagore Ki Haveli, Jagdish Temple, Moti Magri etc. In Jodhpur, they can see Mehran Garh Fort, Ghantaghar, Ummed Bhavan Palace etc. In Jaisalmer, they can see Jaisalmer Fort, Bada Bagh, Amar Sagar, Desert Cultural Centre etc.

Mr. A Very Good! It means you have already decided the places of visit. The tour would really be exciting for the students and it will also enhance their historical knowledge.

Mr. B: Yes. I, too, think so.

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