NBSE Class-10 Social Science Notes/Solutions

We have provided NBSE Class-10 Social Science Notes/Solutions and short introductions of all the NBSE Class 10 Social Science chapters for students studying under Nagaland Board. Click on the link mentioned under each chapter to get the answers to that chapter.

However, the study materials should be used only for references and nothing more. The notes can be modified/changed according to needs.

The answer of each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapter’s Solutions NBSE Class-10 Social Science Notes/Solutions and select needs one. These solutions are part of Nagaland Board Solutions. Here we have given Class 10 NBSE Class-10 Social Science Notes/Solutions Text book Solutions for You can practice these here.

NBSE Class-10 Social Science Notes/Solutions
NBSE Class-10 Social Science
Chapter No.Chapter’s Name
Chapter 1The Rise of Nationalism In Europe
Chapter 2The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
Chapter 3Nationalism in India
Chapter 4Trade and Globalism
Chapter 5Resources
Chapter 6Power Resources
Chapter 7Agriculture
Chapter 8Manufacturing Industries
Chapter 9Transport and Communication
Chapter 10Map Reading
Chapter 11Working of Democracy
Chapter 12Power Sharing Mechanism in Democracy
Chapter 13Competition and Contestations in Democracy
Chapter 14Outcomes of Democracy
Chapter 15Challenges of Democracy
Chapter 16Development
Chapter 17Money and Financial System
Chapter 18Role of Services Sector in Indian Economy
Chapter 19Consumer Awareness
Geography Section

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This is our humble endeavour in helping our student community in their preparation as well as for their understanding of SOCIAL SCIENCES. Hence, we welcome suggestions in this effort for improvement.


1. Can we Find Every Notes OF Nagaland Board ?

Ans. Yes, You Can Browse Every Notes of Every Subjects of Class 10

2. Is these all for Nagaland board ?

Ans. Yes, All the notes are provided that all are bassed on NBSE New Syllabus.

3. Is these are helpful for Nagaland Board ?

Ans. Yes, These Notes are very helpful for the students who studying in Nagaland board.

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