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Class 12 SOS English Chapter-20 Reading with Understanding . Important questions for HS First Year English Questions Answers brings you latest queries and solutions with accordance to the most recent pointers SOS . Students will clear all their doubts with regard to every chapter by active these necessary chapter queries and elaborate explanations that area unit provided by our specialists so as to assist you higher. These queries can facilitate students prepare well for the exams thanks to time constraint . Class 12 SOS English Chapter-20 Reading with Understanding

HS Second Year SOS English Chapter-20 Reading with Understanding


Read the extracts given below and answer the questions t that follow: (Textbook Section : 20.1) Eleven-year-old Mohammad Riyaz Ahmad laughs a lot, plays video games and attends tuition at home to resume his studies in Std. III in Prathmic Vidyalaya of Aminabad, Lucknow……… meat and fish and to play football.’ He shows his engineering skills with electronic items at home! 

1. Say whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F). Correct the false statements. 

a) The passage is about Sanjay Chopra. 

Ans: F. The passage is about the brave boy who was awarded the Sanjay Chopra Bravery Award. 

b) Shazia’s father was both deaf and mentally challenged. 

Ans: True. 

c) Riyaz fell because he could not carry Shazia. 

Ans: True. And his leg got stuck between the railway lines. 

d) Riyaz and Shazia were treated in King George Hospital, Lucknow 

Ans: True

2. Every year on the Republic Day, gallantry awards are given to brave children. 

The Indian Council of Child Welfare has instituted these awards. One of these brave children is further nominated for the Sanjay Chopra Bravery award. 

Answer the questions below to learn a little more about the awardee spoken about in the passage. 

a) Who is Riyaz? What does he do? 

Ans: Mohammed Riyaz Ahmad studies in class III in Aminabad, Lucknow. He is a student. 

b) Who is Shazia? Where was she on 16th January 2003?

 Ans: Shazia is a four-year-old girl. On 16th January 2003 she was standing on the railway track at Daaligaon Bridge, Lucknow. 

c) Why was Shazia’s father not able to respond to Riyaz’s warning? 

Ans: Shazia’s father was deaf and mentally challenged. 

d) Why was Shazia in danger? 

Ans: Shazia was in danger because a train was fast approaching and her father could not respond to Riyaz’s warnings. 

e) How did Riyaz save Shazia? What did he lose in the process? 

Ans: Riyaz saved Shazia by pulling her back from the railway track just before the train could reach her. Riyaz lost a leg and both his arms. 

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f) Who is Shakeel Ahmad? Did he play an important role? 

Ans:Shakeel Ahmad was an eyewitness. Yes, he played an important role by rushing the two children to a hospital.

3. There are four characters in the passage: • Riyaz Ahmad Shazia Shazia’s father. Shakeel Ahmad 

Pick out words/ expressions from the box below to describe each of them : deaf, alert, cheerful, brave, likes football, likes nonvegetarian foods, kind, considerate, shows engineering skills, thin and weak, helpful. 

Ans: Riyaz Ahmed- frail, alert, cheerful, brave, likes football, non-vegetarian food, shows engineering skills. Shazia- frail Shazia’s father-deaf Shakeel Ahmad- kind, considerate, alert, helpful.


Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow: (Textbook Section : 20.2) 

A. Sayal Lahnubhai Bhoya was born on 1 June 1967 in Gujarat and studied at Prathmik Shala. She speaks Gujarati. She has two brothers and a sister. Her father is a labourer. Her hobbies include music, reading and sports. She saved a friend from a python’s deadly grip. presence of mind and bravery contributed towards saving his village from dacoits…..His Complete the sentences below with information from the biographical sketches A to F: 

We find many common features in six biographical sketches. Firstly, all the the children did little acts of ………(i)……. in the course of their daily lives. Secondly, most of the children are poor and live in small villages. One of them has not gone to a …….. .(ii)………and only three of them speak ……….(iii)…. Finally, all the children were alert and had ..(iv) ……of mind. They acted swiftly and unselfishly. We are proud of the brave young world. 

Ans: Comprehension 1. E (Felicitas Soreng) 

2. B (C. Govindan) 

3.A (Lahunbhai Bhoya) 

4. F (Satish Kumar Phulsingh) 

5. C (Sonia Sinha) 

6.D (Shatrughna Lal Sahu) 

7. B (C. Govindan) 

8. E (Felicitas Soreng) 

9.D (Shatrughna Lal Sahu) 

10. E (Felicitas Soreng) I) bravery, II) school, III) English, IV) presence.

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