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Class 12 SOS English Chapter-16 I Must Know the Truth . Important questions for HS First Year English Questions Answers brings you latest queries and solutions with accordance to the most recent pointers SOS . Students will clear all their doubts with regard to every chapter by active these necessary chapter queries and elaborate explanations that area unit provided by our specialists so as to assist you higher. These queries can facilitate students prepare well for the exams thanks to time constraint . Class 12 SOS English Chapter-16 I Must Know the Truth

HS Second Year SOS English Chapter-16 I Must Know the Truth

Summary : Aradhana is a dancer. She is a student of Kamala Devi School of Dance and Music. Aradhana is about to start the first item at the annual show of the school. 

Aradhana’s younger sister, Simmi hugs her warmly and admires her. Just then their grandmother, mother and aunt Pramela come there. Their mother presents Aradhana a necklace to wear that evening. 

Then Pramela comments that Aradhana was skinny and dark when her mother brought her. Everyone is hurt. Simmi comforts Aradhana saying, “Aunt Pramela is mean”. Suddenly Pramela says, “An adopted child must know the truth. My sister must tell Aradhana that she is her adopted daughter.” 

Aradhana gets upset. She gets angry with her mother. She refuses to dance. Simmi says that what Pramela has said is not true. But Aradhana is not convinced. She weeps endlessly. Then Aradhana’s mother tells her she has given her lots of love, she has shared her laughs and cries for 18 years. She convinces Aradhana that it is more valuable than carrying her in her womb for nine months. Then she requests Aradhana to go on the stage and dance. 

Aradhana dances for her adopted ‘Mother’. 

INTEXT QUESTIONS 16.1 1. Who hugged the dancer? 

(Put a tick mark against the correct answer).

i) her mother 

ii) her aunt 

iii) her friend 

iv) her younger sister 

Ans: iv) her younger sister 

2. a) Which of these qualities is not important in a dancer?

 i) a good figure 

ii) fine features 

iii) a fair complexion 

iv) a talent for dancing 

Ans: iii) a fair complexion 

b) Why did Aradhana think she was not beautiful? Do you agree with her? 

Ans: Aradhana think she was not beautiful because she was not fair. No. 

3. a) Who were the people who came to wish Aradhana? 

Ans: Her grandfather and her father came to wish her. 

b) Who was she not particularly keen to meet? Pick out words from the text in support of your answer. 

Ans: She was not keen to meet her aunt Pramela. “My sister rolled up her eyes in mock horror.” 

4. a) Why were Aradhana’s family members proud of her? 

Ans: Aradhana’s family were proud of her because she was going to inaugurate the annual show of her school. 

b) Why did Aradhana’s mother leave the stage? 

Ans: Aradhana’s mother left the stage to fetch Aradhana’s gift 

5. “She is mean, mad and miserable”? i) Who was Simmi referring to? 

Ans: Aunt Pramela 

ii) What was the ‘mean’ thing she had said? 

Ans: Aradhana was ‘skinny and dark.” 


Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow: (Textbook Section : 16.2) I tried to pull her away from the mirror, away from grandma and Aunt Pramela, whose voice rose aggressively, “Of course she needs to know.”………. I shouldered my way through the crowd of silent onlookers. When I reached the door, I heard my sister’s voice, torn with grief, “Leave me alone. Leave me alone all of you. Oh, why don’t you leave me alone?” 

1. What words of Aunt Pramela’s hurt Aradhana the most? (Put a tick mark against the correct answer)

 i) that she as a baby was skinny and dark 

ii) that Aradhana was an adopted child 

iii) that Sunita, her sister, had made a mistake 

iv) that Sunita should have told Aradhana the truth. – 

Ans: iv) that Sunita should have told Aradhana the truth. 

2. Who according to Aradhana’s grandmother should tell her truth? 

Ans: Aradhana’s mother 

3. How did Aradhana learn the truth? 

Ans: Aunt Pramela let out the secret 

4. Did it shatter her completely? 

Ans: Yes. 

5. Why did grandmother ask Simmi to fetch her mother? 

Ans: So that Aradhana might be told the truth.


Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow: (Textbook Section : 16.3) Within seconds I returned with my mother to the make up room. But Aradhana was not there. “Where is she?” asked my mother. “What happened?”……….She has to herself see the truth. And the sooner she does it, the better it is.” She fell silent. But from the way she held up her head, I knew she was crying! 

1. a) For how many years had Aradhana beeen with her adopted parents? 

Ans: 18 years 

b) Had they shared her joys and sorrows? 

Ans: Yes

c) How does Aradhana’s mother express this? Pick out the words from the text. 

Ans: “For almost 18 years I have cared for you. I have laughed with you and I have cried for you. I have given you 18 years of my life. Don’t you think that counts more than being carried 9 months inside my womb.” 

2. What gift had Aradhana’s parents got for her? Why did Aradhana’s mother give it to her on the day of the school’s Annual function? 

Ans: A necklace. As a token of how much they cared and loved her. 

3. Why was Aradhana heart-broken? 

Ans: She was told that she was an adopted child. 

4. “Nothing has changed today, nothing at all,” 

a) Who says this? 

Ans: Aradhana’s mother says this.

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b) What had not changed? 

Ans: Her relationship with Aradhana 

5. What does Aradhana’s mother ask her to do to prove her love for her parents? 

Ans: To go on to stage and dance. 


Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow: 

(Textbook Section : 16.4) 

“Did she like the necklace?” asked my father as we slipped back into our seats. My mother nodded. The light dimmed and the announcer asked Shrimati Kamla Devi to address the audience…………. She danced, not for her teacher, not for the audience. She danced for one person only, who followed every single movement of hers with bright, burning eyes; our mother. 

1. Why do you think, Aradhana was late in coming to the stage? 

Ans: She took time in deciding the truth’ for herself. 

2. Did she wear the necklace her parents had given her? If so, why do you think she did so? 

Ans: Yes, she did. Because she knew she was her adopted parents’ dear daughter. 

3. ‘She danced for one person only.’ Who was this person? Why did she dance only for her? 

Ans: She danced for her mother. Because she loved her. 


1. Who is the ‘I’ in the title? 

Ans: ‘I’ in the title is Aradhana 

2. What is the truth Aradhana wanted to find out? 

Ans: Aradhana wanted to know whether she was an adopted child. 197

3. What did she actually discover? 

Ans: She came to know that she was actually an adope child. But, even though she was not their own daughter she wa given a lot of love. She was looked after nicely by her fo parents. They brought her up as if she was their own child. 


1. There are many words in English which convey the same meaning. Given below are some phrasal verbs. Use them in place of the underlined words, Phrasal verbs: looked through, looked into, looked after, looked at, looked for

 i) The dancer glanced at her Grandmother and smiled. 

Ans: looked at 

ii) Sunita searched for her daughter in the car park but could not find her. 

Ans: looked for 

iii) The grandmother took care of the children while their mother was away. 

Ans: looked after 

iv) Last month a committee examined the problem of pollution in our city and made some recommendations. 

Ans: looked into 

v) She read through her notes before the examination. 

Ans: looked through 

A suggestion: Use more phrasal verbs in your speech and writing. 

2. Fill in the blanks by using the opposite (antonym) of the words underlined in each sentence. Example: The hall was……… but the stage was empty. The hall was full but the stage was empty. 

i) The dancer was tall and slim but her grandmother was short and…………… 

Ans: fat

 ii) Words can ..……….. but words can also soothe. 

Ans: hurt 

iii) The candidates forgot to bring their pens but they to bring their identity cards. 

Ans: remembered

iv) The cricketers came to the field early but their umpire was……….. 

Ans: late 

v) There was nothing in the house: ……… had been taken away by the thieves. 

Ans: everything 


The following passage on bees and their ways identifying their location contains some errors.

Find those errors and edit this passage. 

What guide the wasp or the bee when it flies home? 

When young bees fly out for first time, it makes short flights. 

The bees fly a yard or two, circle around, and then fly one. 

At last they know all the landmarks around the hive. 

Each flight is longer then the one before. These flights 200 are not to test their wings but to get to know the country. They find their way home because they have flew over the country and seen it. They know their geography. 

Ans: What guides the wasp or the bee when it flies home? When young bees fly out for the first time, they make short flights. These flights are not to test their wings but to get to know the country. The bees fly a yard or two, circle around and then fly on. Each flight is longer than the one before. At last they know all the landmarks around the hive. They find their way home because they have flown over the country and seen it. They know its geography. 


» Very Short Questions with Answer: Marks: 1/2 

1. Who hugged the dancer? 

Ans. Aradhana’s younger sister, Simmi hugged the dancer. 

2. Why did Aradhana think she was not beautiful? 

Ans. Because she was not fair. 

3. Who was fair – Simmi or Aradhana ? 

Ans. Simmi was fairer than Aradhana 

4. What was Aradhana dressed up for? 

Ans: Aradhana was dressed up in charming dance costumes for her Bharatanatyam performance for the annual dance show of the Kamala Devi School of Dance and Music. 

5. What sound showed the audience that Aradhana was coming on to the stage? 

Ans. the sounds of ghungrus and that of tap, tap, tap 

6. Why do you think Aradhana took time to come to the stage and dance? 

Ans. She took time to decide the truth for herself.

7. And what a good figure you have’. Who said these words? To whom ? And when ? 

Ans. Aradhana’s grandmother said these words. She praised Aradhana before the start of the dance programme, 

8. “She must know”. Who said these words? Who is ‘she’ here? What should ‘she’ know about? 

Ans. Aunt Pramela said these words. “She’ is Aradhana. Aradhana must know that she was the adopted daughter of her parents. 

9. ‘I must know the truth’. Who is ‘I’ here? What truth does she want to know? 

Ans. ‘T’ is Aradhana. She wants to knew whether she was adopted by her parents. 

10. ‘Why was Aradhana angry with her adopted parents’ ? 

Ans. Because they never told her that she was their adopted child. She thought they had deceived her. 

11. ‘Nothing has changed today’. Who says this? What has not changed? 

Ans. Aradhana’s adopted mother says this. She says that her relationship with Aradhana has not changed and that she is her daughter. 

12. Why does the narrator say that smiling is not very difficult for Aradhana? 

Ans: Aradhana is a Bharatnatyam dancer. In Bharatanatyam, expressions of all kinds is part of the art. Being a trained artiste, Aradhana knew how to smile. 

» Short Questions with Answers: ► Marks : 4/5 

1. What do we know about Aradhana and Simmi in the opening of the story?

Ans: It is quite certain that Aradhana and Simmi were loving sisters. Simmi was a fan of Aradhana the dancer and had deep love and concern for her. She did not envy Aradhana being a dancer. On the other hand, Aradhana was not proud of being a dancer. She was always worried about her dark complexion in comparison with Simmi’s fair skin-colour. 

2. Why did Simmi feel angry with Aradhana when the latter (Aradhana) mentioned fair? 

Ans: Aradhana was always largely worried about her dark complexion. It was a reason for her constant worry. For Aradhana, a fair complexion was all that mattered most. Aradhana had a good figure and a well-carved face. Besides, Aradhana was a wonderful person, with a lot of inner beauty within. Comparatively too, Simmi was neither as beautiful as Aradhana was nor was she half as talented as her. Seeing how gifted Aradhana was, Simmi felt a surge of anger. 3. Was the narrator jealous of Aradhana? Why do you think so? Ans: No, the narrator, Aradhana’s sister, is not jealous of her. They loved each other and encouraged each other. The narrator had a great character to appreciate Aradhana who was the star of the night and one always ahead of her in terms of charm and skills. 

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