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Class 12 SOS English Chapter-11 Reading with Understanding . Important questions for HS First Year English Questions Answers brings you latest queries and solutions with accordance to the most recent pointers SOS . Students will clear all their doubts with regard to every chapter by active these necessary chapter queries and elaborate explanations that area unit provided by our specialists so as to assist you higher. These queries can facilitate students prepare well for the exams thanks to time constraint . Class 12 SOS English Chapter-11 Reading with Understanding

HS Second Year SOS English Chapter-11 Reading with Understanding


Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow: (Textbook Section : 11.1) 

Girls in particular have no time for childhood. Much of the work that girls and younger children do is carried out in a family group or domestic setting. This is rarely perceived as labour …….. The invisibility of rural child workers reflect an urban bias in Indian administration, research and the media, and the pervasiveness of the seductive idea that rural life is somewhat idyllic. This bias is not peculiar to the middle class. 

1. Tick the correct answer. 

1. People are blind to girl’s work because it is considered 

a. not profitable and doesn’t have market value. 

b. hazardous. 

c. inadequate. 

Ans: a. not profitable and doesn’t have market value.

2. Whose work is more easily recognized or noticed? 

a. a girl cutting grass on a dangerous mountain slope 

b. a boy working in a gem stone manufacturing unit 

Ans: b. a boy working in a gem stone manufacturing unit 

3. A large number of children in India are: 

a. cultivators 

b. agricultural labourers 

c. baby-sitters for their siblings 

Ans: a. cultivators b. agricultural labourers 

4. List the kinds of work/jobs that girls do (which is considered as child servitude). 

Ans: Domestic labour.

5. a) After reading the passage why do you think pour children in India are not able to have a healthy childhood! 

Ans: Poor children in India are not able to have a healthy childhood because they spend most of their time doing various kinds of labour to earn. 

b) What is ‘Child Servitude”? 

Ans: The condition in which a child is owned as property by another and is under the owner’s control, especially in involuntary servitude. 


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Read the extracts given below and answer the question that follow: 

(Textbook Section : 11.2) 

Copra is primarily used for extracting oil. The country produces about 4.5 lakh tonnes of coconut oil equivalent to about 6.9 lakh tonnes of milling Copra …..coconut water in 200mL sachet costs Rs. 13 which is much more than bottled soft drinks. It is also more costly than other natural drinks, namely milk, which is sold at abou Rs. 14 per litre. 

1. Name the states where copra is produced. 

Ans:Tamil Nadu and Kerals are the states where copras produced. 130

2. Where is coconut oil mainly used for cooking? 

Ans: Coconut oil mainly used for cooking is in Kerala. 

3. Which oils are used in place of coconut oil? 

Ans: Palm oil and kernel oil are used in place of coconut oil. 

4. Why does Palm oil dominate the import market? 

Ans: Palm oil is globally cheaper than other edible oil, so palm oil dominates the import market. 

5. What can be produced to promote coconut based commodities? 

Ans: coconut water, coconut cream. 6. Which is costlier? 

a) 200 ml. coconut water sachet. 

b) 1 Ltr. milk 

Ans: a) 200 ml. coconut water sachet.

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