Class 12 NIOS English Notes/Question Answer

Class 12 SOS English Question Answer. Important questions for SOS English Question Answer brings you latest queries and solutions with accordance to the most recent pointers . Students will clear all their doubts with regard to every chapter by active these necessary chapter queries and elaborate explanations that area unit provided by our specialists so as to assist you higher. These queries can facilitate students prepare well for the exams thanks to time constraint.

Class 11 Assam SOS English Question Answer
Class 12 Assam SOS English Question Answer

HS 2nd years Solutions (English Medium)

In the Reading Skills section, the text have been chosen to mirror the kind of serious reading in real life that a school-leaver should be capable of. The prose pieces are drawn from biographies, travelogues, science fiction, art and contemporary expository prose by writers from different parts of the world. Samples from journalistic writing have also been included. The play, placed centrally in the textbook, is on a theme that learners will particu larly identify with and is in a lighter vein. The poems relate to universal sentiments and appeal to contemporary sensibilities.

Learners at this stage bring along with them a rich resource of worldview, knowledge and congnitive strategies. Teachers should encourage to make educated guesses at what they read and help them initially to make sense of the language of the text and subsequently become autonomous readers. The Notes after every unit help the teacher and learners with strategies for dealing with the particular piece.

Class 12 SOS English Question Answer

Unit. No.Lesson Link
Unit 1My First StepsClick here
Unit 2Leisure Click here
Unit 3Reading with UnderstandingClick here
Unit 4Father, Dear FatherClick here
Unit 5Fuel of the FutureClick here
Unit 6My Grandmother’s HouseClick here
Unit 7Reading with UnderstandingClick here
Unit 8A Case of SuspicionClick here
Unit 9My Son will not a Beggar BeClick here
Unit 10Where The Mind Is Without FearClick here
Unit 11Reading with UnderstandingClick here
Unit 12If I Were YouClick here
Unit 13The Tiger in the TunnelClick here
Unit 14The Road Not TakenClick here
Unit 15Reading with UnderstandingClick here
Unit 16I Must Know the TruthClick here
Unit 17India-her Past and FutureClick here
Unit 18Night of the ScorpionClick here
Unit 19Reading with UnderstandingClick here
Unit 20Reading with UnderstandingClick here
Unit 21Reading with UnderstandingClick here

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